Sunday, June 12, 2011

This weekend was really nice. We spent the whole weekend together as a little family, an did a lot of fun building patio furniture (thanks to my hubby, pics are up on FB), re-staining and sanding old folding chairs, garage-saling for hours etc....LOTS of fun to be had this weekend. 
I have to say that the nicest part for me was my little chat with the hubby. My last post was about it, and it went so well. Ever since we've talked its given me a lot more perspective...and its been easier for me to be patient and hopeful. I hope this lasts;)
In other good news...its not supposed to rain all week long, and JD has work scheduled for every day! Lets hope that works out, because for the last month, he's only worked working 5 days out of 5 would be fan-freaking-tastic!!(fingers crossed for that)
Some exciting stuff happening for my brother and his fam too, as they embark on "real" life! They got a good long-term position, and get there VERY first house on June 25th!! SO excited for them! (and was maybe a teensie bit jealous that we are NOT in that phase yet). 
Have a great week guys! Pray for sun!!

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