Friday, June 24, 2011

gotta love cutie-petootie kiddos...

R usually wakes up in the morning and bounds into our room...well, the other day he made a pit stop before coming in to wake us up. He ran into the room as excited as could be, eating a frozen eggo in one hand, and holding a freezie in the other. "Hi mom, hi dad...I got a freezie and an eggo!" Yay for bottom-freezers, lol.

This morning when he awoke, he cuddled with me in bed for a while, playing with my hair and saying, "it's beautiful! bea-u-tiful!"...ha ha...what a cutie.

A and I spent some quality time this afternoon going over his letters and numbers, practicing tracing and drawing and recognition. He is doing really well! By the time he starts "real" school...he'll be a pro!;) 
I know I already said this, but he passed swimming lessons...which is a BIG thing...because this level was the end of the next one he'll have to swim 5 meters unassisted, and he's almost there:)

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