Monday, June 20, 2011

My hate-hate relationship with running...

 Roo was a little stinker this morning and decided to wake himself up WAY to early for his own good...or mine :)

Apparently he desperately needed "bologna and yogurt"....seriously child? Just go back to sleep....that's what daddy and I wanted to do at least. 

We tried to reason with him, to no avail...thus the morning was much to early for me. My hubby, being the fantastic wonderful and amazing person he is (I'll post more about that later in my ode to father's day post, he he) took the boys this morning so I could attempt to fall back asleep. 

Your probably reading this thinking, "what the heck does this have to do with running? I'm only interested in the running get on with it!" Well....let me tell you....

I try for a while, pretty much unsuccessfully as of yet, to fall back asleep...BUT am still SuPeR tired...oh yes...that tired. 
ALL of the SUDDEN (because that's how most cRaZy thing happen these days) my FANTASTIC(well, up till this point at least) roomie Naomi (can I call her roomie? I think BOUNDS into my room (yup, literally BOUNDS)...begging me to go running with her. 

Wha-what? Running? Do you know who I am? Are you some alien trying to abduct me or something? Cuz I'm pretty sure I've made it very clear that I AM NO RUNNER. As surprised and I was...she somehow convinced me (does it count as convincing if they never give up or leave your room, but literally drag you?) to GO running with her. 

This is where the REAL fun begins. 

I find it amusing when people say they are "BAD" at running....mostly because I know what truly being "bad" at running is...and very few people are that bad....fortunately for me, I am one of those very few

A lot of my friends have offered for me to go running with them: "No really, its just a jog, we walk most of the time...don't worry, I'm out of shape too...oh yes I'm a terrible runner...I concur, I can barely run UP the stairs too"...really? REALLY?? I doubt it

Soooooo.....back to me and my horror. I've always known that when people try and convince me to run with them, reassuring me that they are terrible runners, that it must be somewhat of a lie. If they really were that terrible, like me, they would not even come up with the cRaZy idea to run...
they would sit at home on their couch, eating potatoes...and getting fat. That's what I do, that's what true run-haters do.

    But somewhere in between the bounding, excitement and convincing me of her hatred of running...I conceded. So, we set out. 
        I run REALLY well at the start....I'm feeling good, no sweating, no tears, no puke....I can DO this...I CAN!! Oh wait, we have't even passed 2 houses's hearts head is getting LUNGS collapsing!! 4 houses in...okay...I'm done. 

You may think that I'm exaggerating to make myself look bad? Oh no, trust me...I'm not. 

If any of you know whereabouts I live, I can give you a better idea of how far I got. 
Around the corner (1 house)...continuing down the main street (oh, passed another house)...crossed the next small street 
(2 more houses)...and I'm WIPED before I even reach that little field. 
Being the crazy, awful, awesome(?) friend that my friend is, she encouraged me to "power walk", when I mostly just wanted to saunter (who am I kidding?) LAY down and DIE

BUT....I kept going...walking/slowly jogging/sauntering along....all the while dying inside and out. 
A few times I just gave her permission to run ahead somewhere far off, and then back to me again. I'm fairly certain that she could have been running circles around me the whole time we were out....literally, circles. Although she reassures me that that isn't true (hhhmmm....)
I had this awful taste/smell/feeling in my mouth and whole esophagus like I was going to was awesome...super awesome.
Somehow, still unbeknownst to me, I made it home....half dead, gasping for air, possibly dry-heaving...but I made it.

I'm guessing I ran for a TOTAL of 3 or 4, maybe 1 or 2. 

So hates me. I hate it. There is no love...and I doubt there ever will be. 

BUT, I know that I need to get in shape, and that sitting on the couch eating potatoes and getting fat is NOT the best thing for I will continue to RUN/die (which one will happen first? I'm curious to find out).
My goal is to be able to run all the way from my house down to the end of the street(not back...just there...I fully plan on crawling back).

It may take me MONTHS, or maybe years....we shall see
So, if you see my heaving and gasping on the side of the road next time your out (I saw 2 people I knew today....uuugghhh)...don't worry about me. 
I'll be fine, or not.


  1. I Loathe running myself. Its not that I can't do it, just that I have no desire, and find no enjoyment in it at all. Never have. So if you hate it, don't do it! Find something else exercise worthy that you actually like more.

  2. I feel like my mind would really love it...if I could just get my body to love it WAY more, lol...I do other exercises too....but I feel like I should really try and increase my stamina when it comes to running

  3. Someone should probably defend running...and of course it will be me! While I do sympathize of how uncomfortable running, while out of shape, can be, I must stress how great running, while in shape, can be.

    Saying that you hate running, while not in the proper condition to do so, is like saying you hate brownies, by only sampling ingredients that are unmixed and uncooked....Of course, raw egg tastes terrible! And ya know even eating cocoa powder alone isn't great either.

    My point is this. Running is an activity that gives as much as it gets. If you give everything to running it will give everything back. Not unlike the gospel you cannot see the fruits of reward without effort.

    All that being said I personally find that other forms of cardio can be more enjoyable from an entry level stand point. Try cycling! You get a greater feeling of accomplishment, enjoy a view, and take a break from effort while still moving!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with your least I think I would...if I could get into it. I think if I just keep it up, and get more stamina....maybe?? one day?? ha ha...I will actually enjoy it...because in my mind, I think that running would be enjoyable.
    Thus, I am NOT giving up on it entirely....I also am trying other forms of cardio...but one day, would like my body to actually enjoy running...even if its a short run:)