Monday, June 20, 2011

To my STUD of a HUBBY....

I sure love you. 
I love everything about you. 
Even the annoying wouldn't expect it...but I love them too, because they just make YOU more you. I love it. 
I love that you are a GREAT husband and FATHER
You love our kids SO much...and are always working with me to try and parent them as a TEAM...which I love. They LOVE you to bits and pieces...which shows what an AWESOME father you truly are. 
They ask about you when your away...even if your only gone for a few minutes...they run out the door to hug tackle you when you get home. They LOVE to play with you. You guys have made some pretty awesome TOYS and FORTS
Like last week...when A really wanted us to build him a rocket ship. You guys drew up the plans together, bought some wood, and made the BEST rocket ship ever. 
Speaking of building...your bragging material. You are SO handy...and so great at building/fixing anything and everything. I LOVE that about you. Like last week when you built me my awesome patio set last week...I was in love:)

I LOVE how frugal you are....and that's not a bad are GREAT at saving money, and just great with money in every aspect. 
Although its been tough this last little while, with little work and such, I have always known that you would do whatever you can to provide for us and our family. That always give me the hope and peace that I need to make it through tough times like these.
I can't say enough good things about you...your humor, your dedication to church and family...and all that you do for me and for our family. 
It amazes me. 
You amaze me.
I love you. And you love me...and I always know it. FOREVER.
The End. 

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