Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roo and I's conversation this morning when he cam in to cuddle me after he awoke:
"Your hair is's so beautiful!"...then I respond, as per usual..."you are cute!"...him: "no, you are cute!"""you are the cutest"...him... "You're the cutest!"...ha ha...this went on for a while..and he said something really adorable at the end, but I can't recall, because I was way too sleepy! lol

As we were at church he looked up at the roof and said, "Jesus lives, Jesus lives"...I then asked where it was that Jesus lived..and he replied, "above the airplanes!" sweet.

Lately when he wants something he asks "please...pretty please with a cherry on top?", while motioning with his hand the putting of a cherry on top of something, lol.

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