Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Ca-Razy Saturday!!!:)

The thing is....I don't really even know where to start....I guess we'll start BRIGHT and early in the morning. 
Our AWESOME (and I mean awesome) exchange student Laurence had to go home yesterday. It was so sad to see her go, because she really was fantastic. She cleans up after herself, appreciates everything we do for her, does everything without being asked and LOVES playing with the kids...she even ASKS us to babysit....seriously it was like HEAVEN having her here the last month, and we would have been SO happy to have her stay forever...literally, forever. 
Okay, so enough of my ramblings...she was leaving SUPER early. JD and I are NOT early all. We woke up at about 4:30 to help her get her things together and say good-bye...the plan initially was for me to drive her to the airport, but I was ridiculously tired, so my hunny drove her instead. He got back shortly after 5 and we went to sleep for a bit, in between the kids getting up a couple of times.
JD was supposed to work that we waited for the call, but alas, no work. This was kind of a blessing, because we knew what a crazy busy day it was going to be right from the onset. He headed to one of 4 moves that were happening that day (yup, 4!!) with A, so that I only had to take roo on my adventures. 
I went to a ton of garage sales, and then a shoe/clothing sale in someone's house...that was super packed. I waited in line for EVER to pay for the ONE $6.00 item I had in hand. 
I drove home quickly, as I was late for picking up A....luckily the move went smoothly, so they were already home when I got back. 
The lunch, nap times etc. At 1:00 I was supposed to be watching a friend of mine's little boy. His older brother was supposed to walk him over to the nearby church, and then he'd walk to our house. I waited a while, and no I waited a while more...still no show. I start panicking a too much though...and try calling an assortment of people trying to track him down. After 3 hours and 45 minutes (mostly of calling, waiting and driving around) I got in touch with his brother who said matter-of-factly, "well, i just decided to take him to so-and-so's instead"...what? least he's alive, right?
Then starts the evening get the idea. Our OTHER exchange student is from Nigeria. She asked if she could throw a birthday BBQ at our house....I agreed...with much emphasis on the "no alcohol" point...and she conceded. 
So, party time rolls around...and no one shows up. No one at all. Except for the poor photographer. She tells him that Nigerians are always late so he comes back 1.5 hours later...and he STILL was the first one. 6:30 rolls around...and finally people start filtering in. By 7:00 (4 HOURS after the start time) most of the people were here. 
I can't really explain the LOUD mass CHAOS that then ensued. It was mostly good-natured fun...just REALLY LOUD fun. I'm sure that all my neighbors thought I was completely NUTSO with all 20-30 student-aged African's over at my house hooting and hollering. 
There was one pretty MAJOR which one very large man had to CARRY a girl (kicking, screaming, punching and swearing) down the block to calm down for a half an hour. She cam back in crying and apologizing on her hands and knees...and promised that it wouldn't happen again. 
What can I say I'm a sucker nice. So...I let the party continue. 
I was slightly worried when 8:30 was getting close, because the hubby and I had a date planned...and the party was STILL going strong. Initially I thought the date night would be fine...because if the party had in fact started at 3, it should have died down a bit for us to leave.
Well...there was a knock on the door...and I'm thinking it's probably the police? ha ha...coming to shut down our chaotic party. 
BUT was the boy I was supposed to babysit earlier and his 2 sisters....saying "Hi, we're here!", you're here? what? The guy that was dropping them off (and in the midst of driving away as I ran after him, lol) said that he was told by the older brother that we were watching them for the night. 
Um, nope. WE actually have 35 loud and out-of-control Nigerians over...and we are supposed to be heading out for our date in 15 minutes!!! 
We made a few calls, to no avail..and he ended up taking them back to his house to figure things out...phewf. Oh wait, NOT phewf....I STILL have a CRAZY party going on, and my 12-year old babysitter MIGHT get a little overwhelmed by it ALL, ha ha.
I told our student to make sure that everyone stayed outside the WHOLE time...or downstairs. I told her this NOT ONCE, but 3 times. When we left mostly everyone was downstairs...excpet 6 or people playing a board game.
We left ours sitter....setting them up in our room, so it wouldn't be so crazy...and assured her that they were all going to be downstairs. 

When we got home she told me that little Roo had an awful time going to sleep...because after we left ALL of the partiers came upstairs and STAYED there THE whole time!! What?! Such a SIMPLE rule...honestly I was about in tears by this point...I felt so bad for our little sitter. 
I talked to our student about it, who reassured me that they were "quiet"....well....a normal person's LOUD is her quiet voice...and with 20+ of them? YA RIGHT!! 
One other little non-outdoor pillows were left outside, in the rain. Most of the mess was cleaned up by a friend...but a TON of bottles, napkins and dishes were still out in the rain fun. 
Well...that's it...NO more parties. I'm just not very good at confrontations...or I could have made them move the party elsewhere a LOT earlier. 
That's my rant....sorry for all of you actually read it all the way through....ha ha...I probably sound like a crazy person...but it was a pretty awful day. 
Today was MUCH better...and no more student parties...THAT is for sure:)


  1. Wow, people just don't listen. I mean she planned the party at three and it ended up happening at seven and then she can't even keep people downstairs like she promised? That is so disrespectful. Didn't she get a clue when roo had a hard time going to sleep? seriously. and the kid's older brother is just not thinking. He doesn't bother to tell you he's not showing up and then sends the kids your way later in the day without warning! It just takes a phone call - sheesh.

  2. I know!! It was a seriously crazy day...I even forgot to mention that JD left for another move during the party...and one his way inside from it, ashur got 3 wasp stings, and JD got the middle of the crazy loud was ridiculous. Just glad it's over and that we have a break from any and all students for a few weeks! yay!:)