Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm feeling a little disheartened today...well, this week in general. Maybe its partially that all of my cool plans for decorating outdoors look like they aren't going to come to pass by tomorrow night for the bridal shower; or maybe its that this stinking rain won't go away for my hubby to even work a few days a week; or maybe its because I'm getting antsy about us finding a new job, a real career; or it could be the impatience of waiting for a baby....who knows. Whatever the case, this week has been hard. 
There isn't really any reason for this to be the case, because our life has been like this, with all of these problems and concerns, for a while now. Everyone has trials...and this is ours for now. 
Maybe I need to learn patience, enduring trials with grace and faith...who knows...I guess I should start learning whatever it is, so life can move on. 
Here's to hoping the rain goes away, and the gloominess and disheartenment(?) does too. 

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