Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tonight we went to get our family photos by the talented Kelsey. I'm pretty much excited about them!! We found an aweosme grove of trees by the jail...but apparently your not supposed to be that close to the jail, especially taking photos...so we got in some trouble for that one (although we got some awesome shots first!). 
I can't WAIT to see how they all turn out!!:)
This last weekend was my STUNNING freind, naomi's wedding...she looked absolutely beautiful...like a princess! Literally. 

Everything went really well. My hubby and I got to be there for the actual wedding, the luncheon and the reception...we were so happy to be able to spend her special day with her!
I also helped with the planning/decorating/food...which all turned out amazing!! ( I think, ha ha). 

The only weird thing was not celebrating Canada day. I felt so un-patriotic! LOL. We were so pooped after thsoe 2 days of craziness that at the end of the night, we all fell sleep before the fireworks (although I heard they were amazing and regretted my sleep).
I'll post our family photos as SOON as we get them! It should be a couple of weeks from now. I'm really exicted too, because the main reason we got these ones was to get a new and more updated photo to go on our adoption profile. So YAY for that, ha ha. 
Hope you all had a GREAT weekend too!! :)

the funnies:

Me: "How did you get to be so cute? who taught you to be that way?"
Roo: "Jesus"
Today as were headed out to take family photos, we drove through the parking lot of a car dealership, roo: "wow, look at all these cars! there are so many. The cars are SO beauitful!" ha ha...such a boy.


  1. I can't wait to see your pictures! I'm also excited that Daria has a Canon SLR, I'm going to send her a message right now.

  2. Haha, I love the car bit. That is the only word Thijs says really well (even with the 'r' in it). If there's even a hint of a picture of a car anywhere in sight its, car, car, CAR! How can these babies be such guys already?

  3. She does look stunning! Glad the day went fantastically!

  4. It was a fantastic weekend!
    I'm super excited to see the photos too!
    and ya, em...boys just come out boys...ha ha

  5. Loved it!!!
    You guys did a fantastic job!!! You all looked gorgeous (or handsome)