Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a few cute things from the boys...

A got in some big trouble the other day....I can't even remember what it was for, I think running off somewhere when we were out. Anyways...we were giving him a talking-to on the way home, in the van. We told him that he was going to be grounded for the day (his day grounding's consist of no friends and no electronics for one whole day). Needless to say, he was none to happy.
He sat there silent for a little while, maybe a minute, just really stone-faced....glaring out the window, then said with angst, "I challenge you to agni kai"...ha ha ha....we could NOT contain our laughter...we were so shocked and surprised.
That might not mean anything to some of you...but we watch avatar, the cartoon series...and agni kai means a fight to the death. We asked him (after we regained our composure) how exactly he thought this would go down, as we weren't real air-benders, or anything benders for that matter. He said that we would wrestle, and he knew he would win, because he was so strong. If he won, he would be un-grounded. Sounds pretty sweet to me! LOL. 
Daddy told him that there is no way that he could actually win against us, because of our size and strength compared to him....A wasn't so sure. Apparently A then stated the rules, which were that we had to lay down on the ground, and that he got to stand up, ha ha.
It was a pretty funny conversation...and may have been less funny if A wasn't so serious:)

In the van again (boy, do we spend a lot of time there, ha ha) today....roo decided he wanted to say a prayer...so he did, for about 5 minutes, ha ha. He said it ALL by himself, which rarely occurs...and it was all what he was thankful for, nothing else (my family, my friends, this day, all things he made, dad, mom, ashur etc....the list went on). It was pretty cute!! It was also a good reminder that we need to say more prayers like that....sometimes I think I ask too much, and am thankful for too little...thanks little roo:)

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