Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's up with us!!

We have been SO busy lately!! So busy that I have had to cancel on my poor aqua-fit buddy this week 3 times so far...but I promise, we will go tonight!
Last week we were surprised with not getting an exchange student for a little 3 week stint, like we had originally planned we started thinking about going on a little mini-vacation of some sort, since how we can't go anywhere when our students are here. 
My parents had already rented a villa in fairmont for this whole week...and invited us to go with them, so VERY last minute (like 10:00 Saturday morning we decided to pack up and leave right then, lol) we made the BEST decision ever to go. 
Fairmont was absolutely beautiful!! Neither me our the hubby had been there before, so it was a first for both of us. The view was to die-for....which made it easy to want to go for a jog late at night, or a random hike somewhere. 
Also...our place was awesome...and it had tons of activities going on throughout the day that you could sign up for if you wanted to. 
It was the perfect little get-away. 
Some of the highlights for me were the outdoor pool (complete with spray park and waterslide), glow bowling with all of the kids, making our sweet stomp rockets for the race, and of course, the CrAzY hike we went on. 
We didn't even realize it was supposed to be a hike either....we thought we were just going to see "the hoodoos"...but apparently it's quite the uphill 2.5 kms jaunt....ha ha. 
PLUS when  you have a total of 3 little kids, and a non-hiking stroller that you are trying to squeeze them all in a 2 seater...and PUSH them up the side of a steep mountain....ha ha..not fun!!
BUT...we made it, and the view was made the whole thing worth it! I cant wait for my little sis to get back and send me some pictures that I can post:)
We got back really late tuesday night...after driving for several hours...although the trip back did seem to go much better than the trip out there. 
It rained tuesday night, so daddy didn't have to work...which was such a blessing, as we had a TON of stuff to do (cleaning, bill paying, grocery shopping). 
At 4:00 our fabuloso babysitter came over and babysat our kids for HOURS as we drove to calgary to see WICKED!! Which was totally awesome...I need to post some great pics from that too:)
All in all it has been a busy few days...but SO much fun!! Oh, and it ended in us being on the front page of the paper! ha ha....right HERE (scroll over under top local news where the pictures are....I think we are third over). 

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