Saturday, July 23, 2011

our summer so far!

We have been having some fantastic days lately! We spent a day at Henderson outdoor pool, the next day at the spray park, went to the river, the Magrath parade, spent a day at the indoor pool, and went to several playgrounds(all this last week). One night we drove to the north side to get some fantastic milkshakes and slushies, then took them to the closest park and spent the evening swinging on the swings. It was one of my favorite nights.
This is the life. Seriously. I just want summer to last forever, because we are LOVING it, and definitely making the most of it. 
I am still loving aqua-fit, and doing it as often as I can squeeze in...between the 2 or 3 exchange students we always have, watching my 2 little brothers, and of course my own little's been, and continues to be, very busy!
I'm helping a friend of mine plan her wedding (for this next weekend)...but when am I not planning a party, seriously? ha ha.
There have been a lot of up-sides with having JD's work be so random. He usually works 3, sometimes 4 days a week....but doesn't know until the morning of. This has actually been a lot of fun, because we get to drag him around with us on all our awesome summer adventures!
We still have a LOT of summer adventures to go...we have been to Waterton once this summer, but haven't yet visited the hoodoo's, Montana, or gone camping. 
We also have been thinking a bit about visiting my husbands family down in California, and taking the boys to Disneyland again...since it was SUCH a hit last time...they both loved it. I did too(maybe more-so than them if that's possible, he he).
I like this life of swimming all day, tanning...eating picnics wherever and whenever we get the chance...and pretty much living out of our van. These are definitely plus sides to having JD home more...I've been thinking that I may like this life even better than him working every day and making more's just SO fun!! Maybe not so fun come wintertime won't be nearly as fun to hang out outside all day, lol. Although, we still have plans to try and move to Hawaii this winter, if jobs don't work we'll see. But for now, we are LOVING this life!! SO fun! My brothers have been fun too, and really good at helping out...I'm sad that they can't stay for longer:( 
I hope your all having a great summer too!!

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