Saturday, July 30, 2011

missing my boy after only 5 seconds...

The last few weeks my little brother J has been visiting. We have had a blast....especially my hubby...him and J are quote the pair...and have spent MORE than  lot of time playing COD...ha ha. 
Anyways, my parents came home from their vacay and drove through town to pick him up. Very last minute we decided to send A back with them...he LOVES them to death and really wanted to spend more time with we conceded. 
I have NEVER been away from that little boy for more than a few nights...and he'll be gone for like 5 or 6.....eeeeekkkk! I'mn already freaking out! ha ha...logically I thought it was a great idea, he really wanted to do it, and there isn't anything going on this why not? has only been gone for like 5 seconds...literally...and I already miss him to pieces. 
Oh how I love you A!!! I hope he has a great time, and doesn'\t miss me too much! I'm sure I'll be calling him daily, ha ha...he's such a sweet little guy:) 
(and on a funny note...our japanese students...well, at least one of having a complete meltdown in the  other room because J and A left...she's been crying since they left....I'm pretty sure she misses J more than A though...apparently he is a japanese-girl magnet, lol...all of the girls are crushing on him, ha ha)

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