Tuesday, August 2, 2011

why our little shihoko is truly a canadian at heart...

One of our students that we've had this summer is Shihoko....we love her! She is such a sweetie, so responsible, so helpful...I can't say enough good things about her. 
She fits it so well with our family too, and I think it is because she was meant to be Canadian, not Japanese:)
Here is why:
-she HATES sushi...what?! crazy....I know, and so do we...but what Japanese person do you know that hates sushi? She is perfect for us. Sushi is like a staple over there...I'm not sure how she has even survived over there as long as she has, ha ha.
-Her favorite food is pasta...we love pasta! What good Canadian doesn't really? We've made spaghetti like 4 times since she's been here, and she loves it every time. 
-Speaking of food...she loves food. She still eats very little...so I guess she may have some Japanese still in her, lol. She is doing a presentation on her favorite memories since she has been here, and she asked for my help last night. I asked her what sorts of things she just really enjoyed, and that she would always remember...she replied, "dinnertime"....ha ha. I'm sure glad my cooking is memorable, lol...she takes a picture of each meal that we have, she has loved every dish we've made so far. 
-She is very emotional...she calls herself a crybaby....ha ha...it's cute though. I'm not sure if that is really a Japanese or Canadian trait...lol....BUT..I got her to start watching The Bachelorette last week(a very Canadian thing to do, ha ha) and she LOVED it...she cried last night at the season finale, as we were ALL rooting of Ben...poor Ben:(
-This is the greatest one....she wants 5 KIDS!! That's right....I know 5 kids might not be super typical for the average Canadian either...but WAY less typical for Japan. Most families over there have 1 or 2 kids, every once in a while 3....but NOT more than that. I don't even think she could live in Japan after having 5 kids...do they have houses that big? ha ha.

Well...there ya have it, our little Shihoko is a closet Canadian...and I think we'll keep her, ha ha. 
We went to Heritage Days yesterday and she won 25 lbs of potatoes! I know, random hey? ha ha...anyways, she can't pick them up till October (and she's leaving us next week)...so I told her that she could use this to make her parents let her stay, "I have to mom...I won 25 lbs of potatoes...I have to stay at least until I eat them all!"...well, that would definitely take her all year or more....unless our eating habits start rubbing off on her more. 
Well Shihoko...you can be Canadian for at least another week...and we'll eat your potatoes for ya, if your parents don't take the bait, lol. :)

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