Wednesday, August 3, 2011

good friends and telescopes...

I LOVE a good chat with a friend...or friends in this case. It's one of my favorite pastimes...and present times, and future-times for that matter. It's so enjoyable to be around friends that you can just relax, be yourself and chat about anything and everything....the only down side lose track of time
I went over to a friends last night for some chatting and root-beer floats...we had a great time visiting together for hours, and kind of lost track of time. 
Two of us walked over to this friends house...thinking we would only be there for a couple of hours, so it would be totally fine to walk home...LOL...well, we stayed for a little bit longer than expected, ha ha (um...2:30?? am? he he)...
It was a strange feeling walking home that late at felt like we were teenagers again walking around at night, way past curfew...except that this time we weren't worried about what our mothers would say, but rather our hubby's:)
My hubby is kind of sleep walker (and he might kill me for telling you this story...), before I got in,I told my friend M that I was sure he would probably be startled by my entrance...and be half-awake, sleep-walking and make no sense....well, how right was I?
I walked in and heard some noises...he was in the room rummaging around in the drawer looking desperately for something...I said, "what are you doing?"..he responded..."looking for...umm...umm..." (with a crazy look on his face)...and put his hands up to his eye mimicking a telescope, like he was a pirate...."looking for the telescope?" I replied. "Yes!" Oh, okay then, ha ha. Then I gently told him he should just lay down and go back to sleep(whilst suppressing my laughter, because he was just so serious, and I didn't want to be mean to him), which he promptly did...remembering nothing of this in the morning. 
Oh, what a fun life I lead, ha ha....
love you hunny!:)


  1. ha funny...I told him I put it up on the blog, he just laughed, good thing he didn't mind:)