Thursday, August 11, 2011

our van has serious MENTAL issues...

Most of you probably know, or have heard by now about our MAJOR can malfunction on my birthday....oh yes, that day, of all days. 
Anyhow...what happened was this:
We drove out to Writing on stone park....had a great day, climbed around the hoodoos, ate a picnic, got some slushies for the ride home....and we were off. 
Luckily the van didn't break down on all of the random little roads in the middle of nowhere....but unluckily, it chose to break down right at the biggest intersection in all of Lethbridge....biggest because it is SO long, but also SO busy....for sure the most busy one I can think of around these parts. 
As soon we we pulled up to the intersection we could hear some major noises, and knew that it sounded like it was going to die....but we hoped for the best and switched it into drive AND immediately it died. We did this again for about 4 or 5 change of the stoplights...and the gave up. 
At this point we wee panicking, as we had no cellphone, and we both knew that JD couldn't push it through that whole intersection by himself...we we just sat there and freaked out for a while. After a little bit, the people that we had gone out to the park with pulled up next to us. They had 2 big strong fellas with them, and so all three of the boys stood behind the van until it turned green...and when it did they ALL pushed as fast and as hard as they could, while I steered. 
Needless to say it was quite the sight....people were honking, laughing and waving...yup, good times.
We managed to change lanes and everything...they got it going pretty fast...and we pulled into the closest parking lot we could find. My sweet ol' hubby forgot to mention to me that it would be pretty much impossible to steer!! ha I might have almost ran into a huge RV??? LOL after several days of going back and forth with our roadside assistance providers (through our insurance company)...that's a whole other pretty ridiculous story actually....we FINALLY got it towed to our house....on tuesday, so 4 days AFTER the breakdown happened. 
We called our mechanic, he came over....and VOILA!!! The van starts. Completely throatiness, no dying...he drove it around forever and nope, not a problem. 
OF COURSE!! So, apparently our van just needed a 4 day break from us, maybe we were too stinky? or it was just getting tired of hearing the boys cry in it, or make a HUGE mess of it's seats? who knows??....I'm chalking it up to our van just having some serious mental issues...
lets just hope that next time it...inevitably....breaks down, that we are on a little less busy of a road??
Good times. 

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