Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have been thinking a LOT lately. Not so much about the course of our life or where we will be in the next few months or years....but more about life NOW. What we are doing NOW
Because NOW is what matters doesn't it? 
Now is when we need to spend time with our children, give them the attention that they need, the LOVE  that they deserve....everything
I am a procrastinator in every I really have taken this to heart. It seems like I am always telling A, "Oh, just a little longer and I'll play with you...just another 5 minutes"...but the time is NOW when we need to step up and be the kinds of parents that our children deserve...not in a month, or a year or more. 
It has taken me a long time to realize this...and as I have been trying so much harder, my biggest fear it too late? Have ANY of the choices that I have made up till now been SO big and SO hard of either of my boys, that they'll be long-lasting? 
Is it already too LATE to become the mother I know that I need to be? I can only hope that the answer is NO....that I can do SO much more...BE so much more...and that it will have been enough. That anything I have or haven't done in the past WON'T be remembered by their little hearts and minds. 
Boy do I ever LOVE them. I love them SO much that I want to absolutely everything I can NOW so that they will never DOUBT that I LOVE them, and care for them...and just want what's BEST for them. 
The Lord has told us what we need to do...such simple things...patience, charity, love, serving others, keeping the commandment, READING the scriptures and PRAYING daily...we ALL know these things that we've been told...and I know our lives and, more importantly, the lives of our children will be SO blessed if we do them. 
Off I go now to practice what I preach...little A is calling for me to spend time with him...I am so blessed to be able to raise these wonderful boys...and have ALL of this time with blessed

(for an amazing blog post a long these same lines....PLEASE READ is SO wonderful!)


  1. Oh how i relate!!!!!

    one of my favorite quotes, when i fear it's too late:

    "It's never too late to be who you might have been." George Eliot

  2. Such a great quote, thanks chels:)

  3. hey just followed that post too, and realized it was the same one i linked, Isn't it powerful!!!! Made me bawl! I love how she said the realization of "it has to be you!" didn't make her feel guilty but powerful.

    "it has to be you" I've said it a few times to myself. It has to be you and it has to be now. Your so right I'm always telling my kids in a minute, later, thinking I'm teaching them patience, when LOVE is so much more important.

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