Monday, August 15, 2011

ashur's teeth and funny things...

We lost a tooth! yay!! I was honestly a little freaked out when it started getting seemed a bit early for A to be losing them (he's only 4)...but apparently when you teethe early, you lose them early too...and they can put in spacers for any crowding then I got excited
He's been telling absolutely anyone and everyone about it...down to the random strangers we pass on the street on whilst's pretty cute. He asked me the other day, "mom, is magic real?" , I replied..."No, why?"..."well, if it was real, that's what I was going to ask the tooth fairy for, when my tooth falls out!" ha ha. 
It finally "fell" out yesterday....more like it got yanked out by A himself! He put it under the pillow...and told us that he wants "159 dollars" from the tooth fairy....ummmm...don't think the tooth fairy is that rich! lol
He was SO stinking excited to go to sleep last night, he was grinning from ear to ear. A few hours after he had been sleeping, JD and I both crept in, it was kinda fun to have our first tooth fairy experience!!
Another funny/weird thing he said was this (we were just driving home from the pool, talking about how his Grandpa and Nica were coming home on tuesday): "I think they might die before they get here mom!" 
me: "why would you say that? they aren't going to die!"
A: "I think they are mom...they are just SO old, they can barely move...they'll probably die really soon. I think if grandpa tried to move he would like break his arm or something." ha ha ha ha ha...his grandparents are barely in their 60's!! ha ha ha, he's a pretty silly guy. 
We are SUPER looking forward to seeing them, Grandpa Chile and Nica, as we call's been a whole year and half since they've been gone on a mission for our church. Time has just flown by, we can't believe that they'll be home tomorrow, but we are definitely excited to see them!! 
We even had the cleaners come over today, and got the boys hair cut, so they all look nice and clean:)
Pictures coming soon!!

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