Thursday, August 18, 2011

home again, home again jiggity jig...

My in-laws are HOME!! They have been gone for an entire year and a half!! That's such a long time...we were so excited to meet them at the airport. My husbands grandma and aunt came down to meet them as well. We all waited with anticipation at the airport for their plane to arrive. As they walked through the gate, the boys just could't wait any longer and they ran through the gate, past security, to greet them. I think that everyone at the airport, including the guard, thought it was sweet, so he just let it happen. They hugged, we hugged, there was plenty of was sweet. We have been enjoying their company  over the last few days, and I've been realizing how much has changed over the time they've been gone (besides all of the reno's that we've accomplished, and all the weeds we've grown in our front yard, lol)
In the time that they've been gone: 
-My hubby convocated from the U of L. He applied for about 300 jobs before deciding to take a job at Sunlife. He worked there for quite a while, and then realized he needed to find something more suited to his education and interests. He started working concrete (again....story of our life, ha ha). He has applied to at least 100 more jobs since then, and has passed his CFA level 1(woo hoo!!). He stayed pretty much the same weight and height, but I think he's a little more tanned, and maybe a little leaner than when he was working at Sunlife. He continues to have several great business ideas, and continues to apply for jobs....we'll see what the future holds for him, but for now concrete is treating him well.

-R turned 1, finally started walking at almost 16 months and learned to talk very well, in clearly defined sentences by 20 months. His hair was super duper bleach blonde, but finally starting to grow, as he was pretty bald in his former year. He was sick for a while during that first year, but once he was diagnosed with anemia (and a severe bout of constipation) he started to feel better. We went from visiting his pediatrician every 2 weeks, to visit him once every couple of months. He also started to get a little teensie bit taller, and started gaining some weight back from being sick. Then he turned 2, he grew even more, and is no longer in the 0 percentile for weight and height. No more visits with the pediatrician, and now he even sleep through the night( most of the time)!!...He now he walks, runs, jumps kicks, talks in English and a bit of Spanish, recognizes some letters, counts very well, and does pretty much everything else you can imagine, ha ha.

-A turned 4, went to preschool for several months and now can write and spell several things, and say quite a few words in Spanish. He loves to learn new things, including all different languages, which he gets from the many exchange students that we've had during this time. He loves to dress up, and really loves anything and everything to do with superheroes. He loves learning about science, spaceships and anything to do with outer-space. He wants to be an astronaut, as long as it pays well, ha ha....he's always talking about money, he pretty much loves money too. He loves to play any and all sports, and continues to learn gymnastics. He starts baseball for the very first time, they let him in a year early which mommy was pretty happy about, because she loves to watch him play!! He is getting better at swimming every day, and has gone from barely putting his head under the water, to jumping into the deep end or going down the waterslides by himself and swimming himself to shore....he can swim about 5 meters now unassisted. Right before the year and half is up, like by a day, he loses his FIRST tooth! He gets his first bout of money from the tooth fairy, which is very exciting, as he still has a deep love for money. This love is mostly because money gets him toys at the dollar store, which is about his favorite thing to do. He enjoys shopping and picking out his own clothes, in fact, he is pretty picky about everything he wears, much to his mothers chagrin. He is gaining weight, but his height is staying pretty well the same, ending the time at between 52-54 lbs!! :)
-Mommy....hmmm....what did she  do the last year and a half? Nothing maybe? lol....I think she was the one who took everybody to all these things, swimming, baseball, gymnastics...and cheered them on. She also helped daddy apply for jobs, probably filling out close to 200 applications over this time. She stayed the same height, lol....but maybe not the same weight...she has been exercising a bit lately:) She has also been in charge of several exchange students, close to 10 over the last 12 months, which has been a busy time! She has planned WAY too many parties and weddings to count, but enjoyed every one of them. She's seen 2 of her bestest friends get hitched, which was SO incredible!! She has been getting a tan as of late, but hasn't gotten much leaner, guess she should start pouring concrete with daddy!! :)
She enjoys reading interior design blogs, and dreams of the day that she can use all of her ideas on a house of her own. Daddy and her also applied for adoption, and have been on the list for just over 4 months!...and counting...

That's what we've been up too....I wonder what the next 1 1/2 yrs will bring!!!


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