Thursday, July 28, 2011

some blessings come soon...

You know, my last post, about trials and waiting for blessings...some that may come in much longer than we had hoped and prayed for? of the things we have been struggling with is money(suprise, suprise, who isn't? ha ha). With my hubby's work being so random and sporadic, it's near impossible to save any money or ever get ahead. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE him bring around so much...and spending so much time as a family. Although, this does make it tricky to, you know, pay the bills...or buy groceries?'s probably not as bad as I'm making it out to be...we really have been blessed throughout this whole little journey. 
Our main goal throughout this whole summer or very little work, has been to not using any of our hard-earned savings. It took us several months to save up all of it, and we want to use it on something REALLY student loans, lol...or vacationing in Hawaii...we'll see which one wins out, ha ha. 
Anyways...that has been our whole goal...and yesterday as I was grocery shopping I was getting really disheartened about our monetary situation...and thinking that maybe we would have to dip into that fund...I was grumpy all day. 
THEN...lo and behold...I came home and checked out account, and some wonderful government something-or-other had come in...some random twice a year thing that I never remember about...and yes, we got almost $650!! 
What a blessing! If it had come on any other day, I might have not cared as much...but yesterday with all of the disheartenment(did I make that word up? lol) I had felt over our situation, it was really the perfect time for it to come in. 
I know it "said" it came from the government...but I really know where this little blessing came from...little does the government know they are secretly working for the Lord:) (


  1. He always knows when we need it! Perfect timing on his part as usual :)

  2. I love when you said, "little does the govern't know they are working secretly for the lord" haha...
    Love this post..

  3. Ha... The government fairy also arrived then too, always when it's needed.... and always forgotten :P