Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I freaking L.O.V.E. the summer!!

The sun and me are meant to be best friends...seriously. We are made for each other. I love the way my skin looks healthier and happier in the sun too...I feel like I never need to wear make-up, and I have way less blemishes. My hair get's blonder, which in turn, makes my face look better. I feel way happier, and seem to accomplish more too. I have all of this motivation to take the kids fun places, on random vacations, on day-trips, to the pools and water-parks...it's awesome
I also love water. Like LOVE water....a lot. Nothing is better on a hot summer day, than relaxing at an outdoor pool, lake, river, beach or spray park. 
I might love the summer more than most people because of our central AC, lol. It works amazingly....some days I don't even realize it's hot out, because it's so cool inside the house, ha ha.
One bummer is that because of my hubby's sporadic work, we try and get as many exchange students as possible throughout the summer. We do really enjoy each of them, but it is a lot of work, and we rarely get a day, let alone a weekend free. So weekend get-away's or week-long vacations are pretty rare.\
Starting this next week we will have 3 girls with us for most of the rest of the summer...as we did the whole month of June as well. 
Some good news is that my in-laws will be moving in with us in the fall, which means less exchange students. It'll be much easier for us to vacation then....so for now, we just save, save, save. 

Regardless, I wish summer would last FOREVER. I'm just sad that it's almost august....really august? I do like august, because of my birthday and all....but it seems like I just had a birthday....weird. I'm getting old:)
If any of you feel the urge to join us on one of our many day-escapades to some water-y fun-tasia...let me know...we always enjoy company:)

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