Thursday, May 5, 2011

What we've been up to...

Besides the amazingly hilarious nights of t-ball, the fun playgroups and even funner swimming lessons...we've been up to a lot!
We're getting another exchange student at the end of the month, and my wonderful friend N (who's getting married by the way, eeek!) is going to be moving in as well, just for a month. I had already decided that our house needed some serious organizing, and due to a clothing exchange happening for our RS tonight, I figured now would be a great time to de-junk
I ended up ridding myself of 3 ENTIRE garbage bags full of clothes!! Yay for me! That equaled an entire dresser-ful, so we were able to clear out the dresser from our bedroom, so N would have something when she stays with us. 
When I was finished getting rid of clothes, my hubby turned to me and said "do you have any clothes left?" ha ha....well actually....I still have an entire closet full, you probably wouldn't even notice that I did get rid of all those clothes. PLUS, I'm getting more great clothes form this exchange, so who knows, I might end up with more than I started with! ha ha. 
We are also re-doing some of the top floor. We picked out new appliances (like a stainless steel Bosch evolution series that lasers your dishes to see if they are clean, and keeps cleaning until they are perfect! :), can you tell I'm more than a little excited about that one? I also picked out a nice smooth top stove, and a fridge with a freezer on the bottom. 
Once we decided to do this, it seemed like the lino in the kitchen/dining room looked even older than  it usually does, so we decided to replace that as well. I'm SUPER excited about the flooring I picked out. Once the whole thing is done, I'll be sure to post some before and after pictures. We are still waiting to pick up the floor and some of the appliances. 
Like I said previously, one of the things keeping be busy, is my friends wedding! Which I am over-the-moon excited for. She finally found the an of her dreams, and I couldn't be me thrilled. If you are interested in all of my fantastic decorating ideas for this event, check out some of these links! :
(I love the awesome yarn balls, and make sure you scroll down and check out the "mixed media streamers"
also, this: (the AWESOME reception location)
(the cake will be kind of like that, but with more vintage looking buttons, and some ribbon around the base)
We also picked up some super cute bridesmaids tops (kind of flowy blouses), still looking for a grey pencil skirt....if anyone knows where one is, lemme know!

Well, thats about it for us! Besides aquafit, which I started up a while ago, and am really enjoying! We are definitely keeping busy!


  1. Yes you are a busy girl! I think you need a TIMEOUT this! Maybe I'll see you there! It is very exciting that N is getting married!

  2. I do need a timeout! ha ha...and so do you, I'll totally see you there!