Sunday, May 29, 2011

my sleep-less night of party-ing

So last night we had the privilege of volunteering for dry grad here. If you know me, you know I LOVE me a good party, good food, good friends....and I have ALWAYS thought that going to dry grad again would be a BLAST!! :)

I was all over volunteering us this year, because my two awesome friends, T-dot and PP graduated yesterday! Which made going to dry grad even MORE special!! I have know these 2 for 5 1/2 years now...ever since they were 13-year old little beehives....MAN I'm old, ha ha.

I'm so grateful to have been able to celebrate with them, and see them in their gorgeous outfits, but especially be able to see what amazing, beautiful and gracious young women they turned out to be. I can only hope that my future daughters will turn out to be like them. CONGRATS you guys...I LOVE YOU!!!

Oh, and back to the party. It. was. awesome. Thats it....ha ha...I guess I should write down a few highlights:
-lazer-tagging blindly in the dark, not a good idea, ha ha.
-everyone thinking that WE were grads....double cool, NOT, ha ha.
-racing JD on the obstacle course....he won over and over again....ha ha
-ALL of the amazing FOOD!!
-our booths were fantastic...a fish for loonies pond, a push-up competition and 3 racectracks...the main one being remote control cars....awesome-sauce.
-bringing our little remote control flying duck that you shoot was one of the MAIN highlights...everyone loved it.
-STAYING up LATE with  no kids....well, no kids that were ours at least, ha ha.
-having a lady ask me "you don't have a kid this age do you?" ha ha...NOPE!
-people wondering why the heck we were volunteering...and being surprised when I say that I called and asked if I could do it!! :)

Last, but DEFINITELY not least...
-some little grad girls trying to flirt up my hubby, LOL....I don't think anyone knew we were together, because for most of the night we were at seperate girl even made him a BALLOON animal...ha ha (nad came by later walking around with a camera, but he wasn't at the booth then....I think she was going to take a picture with him!!! ha ha). I didn't mind...he's biggie.



  1. awe sounds like you guys had so much fun !!! it was good to see you !

  2. it was good to see you too!! and it was so much fun, I totally wanna volunteer again!