Wednesday, May 11, 2011

and another one bites the dust...

SO....the BIG news of this week is that JD quit his job. Yup. I never thought he actually would. We've been talking about it for a while, but over this weekend we did a lot of thinking (as well as fasting, prayers and blessings) and we are more than 100% sure that he needs to do this right now. 
The hardest part for him was actually telling the people at his work, because he really enjoys everyone there, and I'm sure will miss them too. They've been really good to him, and they are a great company to work for...just not for him. He will never be able to advance to a position that he would really be interested in, and he REALLY needs to make more money. 
Luckily, doing concrete work, he will make a lot more money, and have a lot more flexible hours. If he needs to take a day or two off last minute, for an interview or to drop off resumes, it will be much easier. 
While during the transition stage for us, JD will be studying for his CFA level 2 exam (which is much needed, as he is super far behind of being ready for it on June 4th). We are also looking at a few different business ventures, which is exciting for us. 
The only problem for us is that we have SO many great ideas....I just don't know which one to settle on. Fortunately for us, we have a slight lack of funds to start anything REALLY huge (which is sort of a bummer for me, because most of my ideas require millions of dollars, lol). 
BUT, we also have some good smaller ideas, that we are looking into. Another HUGE blessing for us right now is that we will soon have 3 people living with us (2 exchange students and one friend), which will really help out as well.
It is SO tempting to blow some our savings and go on some AWESOME trip somewhere during this time off...but JD is a lot more practical than I am, and he doesn't want to blow any of long hawaii, ha ha.
Hopefully in a short while we will be able to find something REALLY amazing that is perfect for his pray for us! :) We aren;t complaining though, we have been so blessed throughout this decision of ours, and continually blessed by the fact that he gets to work outside doing something he LOVES to do in the meantime (and making more money, which is always a bonus!).
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