Sunday, May 15, 2011

I have realized lately, that my blog is so boring! I love reading those cute blogs that always have WAY more pictures than makes the words more meaningful, interesting and lets face it, its just easier to read! I think I need to jump on the band wagon with this one and get me a nice camera to take some cute photos with. 
I think it'll spice it up a little, and make it easier for me to read my own posts, ha ha.
So, as many of you probably already read, my hubby did in fact quite his job last week....friday was his LAST day!!  Crazy pants! He had a good last day, but was really sad to say goodbye to everyone. He works with a LOT of women, and they all pretty much love him. They bring him things to work in their own lunches, and when there are potlucks, they bring stuff for him too, thinking that he is probably too busy with his ids to remember what he's supposed to be bringing (which is usually the truth! ha ha, thanks ladies!). I think they were all a lot sadder than him, to see him go, they even got teary-eyed! What can I say, he's a KEEPER!!
I have a love/hate relationship with being in this LIMBO part of life. I wish that we could have a looking-glass that showed us where, what and when we would be doing...but, alas, we just have to learn patience, and faith. Faith that the Lord knows what he's doing when he gave us this push, and faith in ourselves that we will be able to be guided towards the right path for us. 
Its kind of exciting to be in this part of life, not knowing whats ahead. I LOVE all of my friends here, and love that my family is so close...but I crave adventure and change. Something deep inside me wants us to move somewhere CrAzY! Ireland, Dubai, Brazil, New Zealand, who knows....anywhere really. The best would be able to have a job that allows him to travel cool places for longs amounts of time, and take us with him! ha ha. 
BUT, I also have other desires...that keep me closer to home....hmmm....I am pretty much going baby crazy. Good thing my toddler is sweet and cute and loves to cuddle. Every time I get the crazy baby feeling I just snuggle him tighter.

Although I want another child soon, I also appreciate this time that I have with my 2 sweethearts. I am trying to do more things with them, be more involved and show my love for them more. I LOVE them to crazy bits and pieces...and I'm so glad that the Lord loved ME enough to give me the chance to raise these sweet spirits.  


  1. crystal. your blog is not boring. by the time i am done reading one of your posts i find myself a little breathless because i read it how you talk and that is, well fast... and def. not boring!

    thanks for the invite swimming last week. so fun. i think we might come again this week. thanks for being a good friend.

  2. I'm glad its not boring, ha ha...and yes, I've been told that I write like I
    You should come again this week! We are def going! And I am glad we are friends, you're fantastic!