Friday, May 20, 2011

as I get sucked into panem...

I feel a little out of touch lately...and its all because of my love/hate relationship with books. I mean, I LOVE death...a little too much actually, I think thats where the problem lies. 
Once I start reading a good book series...I mean, a REALLY good book series, I'm a goner. I have a hard time doing anything else but eating, living and dreaming the book-world. 
I never want to go out anywhere, I just want to stay home and read more of the book. When I was single, I literally didn't move off of my bed for hours....7 hours actually once, until the book was finally done. 
Right now I'm in the amazing world of Panem...reading the "Hunger Games" books series...and yes, it IS amazing. A little too amazing actually....when I'm not reading it, I'm thinking or dreaming about it....its like I become the main character. I actually feel the desire to become a great archer, and live in the woods, sleeping in the trees. Unfortunately I can't just sit and read for hours until its done, because I need to wake up in the morning, and make food for other people, not just me. If it were me, I'd probably just pass.
I know it sounds pretty irrational, especially coming from me, one who can't even eat dead deer, and who is obsessed with always eating food :) 
Well....I better go finish the book series, so sometime soon I can rejoin reality...albeit reluctantly. 


  1. I love the hunger games. There's a movie being made too. I know the movies are never quite right but I'm still excited. I think this is one of those book series' that I will read again and again.

  2. I'm the exact same way! I could read for hours and once i start I can't stop. Weekends I would be reading, haha my friends thought I was the biggest nerd. The hunger games is so addicting too! Enjoy :)

  3. I have started many a book in the morning and read all day and then sat outside our bedroom with the hallway light on till the wee hours of the morning so I could finish it!Thus I don't read a lot! I actually just finished reading a book that I took several months to finish- reading one chapter a day- it nearly killed me at the beginning!! But near the end of the book, the power was out in the house, and so I used that excuse (no computer to do homework on, no cooking, no laundry etc- it was great!)-
    to lie in bed and finish the rest of the book (only a few hours!)
    Guess you come by it honestly!!

  4. I was the same way with that series... so good! i know what you mean, it feel like you actually know the characters personally! haha

  5. I LOVE it....I feel like I am one of the characters...its crazy. I am the same way with all good book series too...I'm glad I'm not the only one! ha ha

  6. love that series! and I know exactly what you mean. well, maybe not the eating dead deer part ;) but I will stay up till 4 or 5 in the morning reading if I'm really into it.happy reading!

  7. ha ha, I don't even eat dead deer...but since how now I'm katniss, I guess I do...ha ha...maybe I'll finish it at 4 or 5? lol

  8. I'm the exact same way! If I'm into a book, my poor children get seriously neglected. Not good.