Thursday, May 5, 2011

a little tumble down the stairs

So R just fell down ALL of the stairs...long long set of stairs....A said that he swung the baby gate, not knowing that it wold hurt R....hhhmmmm....
After R settled down, and A spent a long time in his room thinking about what had just happened...he came out to apologize. He told me afterwards " I was in there, and called Jesus. I said some really special things and asked him to heal R" sweet is that? He seemed so remorseful, and genuinely worried about his brother so sweet. 
Just an hour or so before this we were all jumping on the bed ( a daily occurrence for us, I strongly believe beds were meant to be jumped on, :) and R laid his whole body on A, and with his face really close to A's he said "I LOVE YOU!!" so emphatically....pretty much the sweetest part of my day. Well, one of them...they are just pretty sweet all the time. I'm so lucky, and very grateful!!

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