Monday, May 16, 2011

how dumb job-hunting is...

just a quick note for today on how ridiculous it is to try and find a JOB in lethbridge...
hubby just applied for 2 REALLY great jobs...which always makes me excited, until we don't get any sort of reply back. This hasn't happened for these specific jobs yet...but he went to both places just to talk to someone, and get his name out there, after he applied online. 
The first job is at the City, and they had 270 applications for it!! The REAL killer is that its only a temporary (3 month) position....250 people for THAT!!! CraZy!!! The city also mentioned that for their ONE labor position, they had 700 applications! man....
The second job is at the U of L, and would be a truly FANTASTIC job....they had 77 applications....still a lot, but not as crazy...but he wasn't able to talk to anyone specific when he dropped by there. 
Getting a good job seems like a never ending uphill pray for us. Okay, I'm done venting. 
Grateful today that he at least has a really good paying job in the meantime, and we have students....thank heavens!!


  1. I"m having the same struggle, though I've gotten an interview with the college and with the government, so I'm hopeful. stay hopeful too!

  2. Thanks mel! We are trying to stay hopeful...we'd be happy with even an interview! lol...good luck on your hunt!