Monday, May 9, 2011

My wonderful weekend

This weekend started out with a fun trip to calgary, chatting all the way with some girlfriends. When we got there, we listened to some AMAZING speakers....I'll have to write a separate post on the speakers, once I get all of my notes organized. 
After the Friday evening speakers we went to eat at a crazy cool restaurant called the casbah, then we slept at a travelodge on macloed trail, not too far from where the conference was. My sleep was fantastic...not long enough, but with absolutely NO interruptions from children, it was so nice!!
Saturday was full of even MORE fantastic speakers, and I learned so much from all of them. It was truly a wonderful day. Our drive home was really enjoyable, full of a LOT of fun (and interesting, to say the least, ha ha) conversations. 
I came home to my mothers day card being drawn on the side walk, with a HUGE "welcome home mama" all the way down the front walk. Also, while I was gone my hubby installed the new flooring, painted the back door, picked up and installed all the new appliances, and cleaned the house immaculately. WHAT an awesome surprise that was!! I LOVE HIM!!! Although, I would have loved him even if he hadn't done all of that for me, he's just pretty much the best. 
I have had a lot on my mind lately, especially this weekend. There seems to be a lot of decisions needing to be made about moving, staying, where to work, where not to work, jobs on the side etc....we both have SO many ideas, and they all seems so great. Its hard to settle on just one.
Hopefully I'll get a chance today to work on all of these questions that I have, and start figuring some of it out.
In other news, my in-laws are coming home from their mission early! So they'll be here in august! Woo hoo!
And Happy Mothers day to all....I sincerely mean that. A book that I just recieved is entititled "for are we not all mothers?". I think this is so true....whether or not you are currently a mother, birthmother, soon-to-be-mother, or not even close to that, we are still all mothers. So Happy Mothers day!!

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