Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've never been much of a tear-jerker...

I've never been a crier. When it comes to movies, I never cried at a single one until I got pregnant. Not one. I can remember going to see titanic with a few friends of mine, and that oh so sad part where jack falls slowly into the water....I laughed, yup...until I got death stares from all of my distraught friends :) 
I would get sad at a movie here or there, but it would take a lot for that to happen...and when it would, I would be that...just sad, not teary-eyed...just sad. 
Well, after had my boys I noticed a significant increase ion the teary-eyed-ness, especially during my pregnancies...but other times too. I could recall a story, and get teary-eyed thinking about it....or think about how much I love my boys...and yup...teary-eyed...but usually not full-on tears. 
Well, the point of this is to tell you how much of a not-crier I am. Even at church, I'm not one to even get misty-eyed while I'm speaking...maybe I'm too nervous? who knows. 
So, last night I'm at a wonderful girly get together chatting up a storm for hours (literally)...and THE strangest thing happened. I was holing my friends teenie little guy, and realized how much I DO desperately want one of my own...and I got teary-eyed! Apparently it was enough for everyone to notice, and when I started talking about why, I started crying! Seriously! Like ACTUALLY crying! 
Whats wrong with me? ha ha...I think that I try and avoid thinking about babies, or how much I want one...because it makes this waiting time so much easier. Its easier for me to be patient when I just don't think about it...but oh more baby-holding for me, thats for sure! ha ha...I hope I didn't embarrass myself too bad being a huge bawl-baby in front of so many women...its so unlike me...weird. Maybe I'm going cazy, ha ha.


  1. Or maybe you're already PREGGERS! haha! The pieces all fit together so nicely...

  2. ooooh...thats what JD said too!! ha ha...I hope NOT!! LOL...