Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DIY Door

We had SUCH a great weekend with my family over labour day. Right before we left we renovated our door....which now looks awesome!! My parents saw how awesome it turned out and wanted us to help them out with their door, and some other renoes...so we went up there for a weekend full of work and visiting. It was super fun!!
I have SO many DIY before and after's to post...I'll have to get all the pics from my mom. But here are some wonderful pics of our door to tie you over...

We don't have a complete before picture, because I totally forgot...so this is after JD cut the hole out

right after the hole-cut...I'm surprised he made such a perfect cut!

the piece that got cut out

after painting, with the window in

The finished product!! What a handy hubby I have:)