Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Preschool-in it up

After much thought (as most of you probably know) I decided not to put A in kindergarten this year...and instead do preschool. 
There were a LOT of reasons for it, some of them being that I was not ready for him to be gone, nor was I ready for all of the schedule!! Waking up early in the morning is definitely not my specialty...and I love that we can wherever we want, at the drop of a hat. I feel that preschool is much more suited for that, as I wouldn't feel nearly as bad pulling him out for us to go on a trip. 
I feel really good about my decision, as he so far, has loved EVERY minute of his preschool thus far...the facility is awesome, the teachers are kind, and he seems to be learning a ton already. 
The school that I chose for him is the Montessori preschool academy (not too be confused with just straight-up Montessori, it's quite a bit different I think). 
I HIGHLY recommend this preschool, for anyone that's looking into them. I prefer some sort of learning, and not just all the time play-based learning. This place does everything from music to yoga to field trips...it seems amazing so far. 
Last week A started preschool, so of course, I had to take some pictures of my cutie-pie, growing up. I asked him if he was excited about school, and he said "I'm nervous, because I'm missing 2 of my teeth, and I don't think anyone else will be missing their teeth". I wonder why he worried about that so much? When he came home he assured me that he was no longer nervous, and that he really enjoyed his day. 

Well...here he is my sweet little (um, maybe not so little, ha ha) pre-schooler, missing teeth and all!! :


  1. aww, cutie. He probably is the only one with missing teeth, how grown up.

  2. He IS the only one...ha ha...in his church class too...but in the next couple of years I'm sure everyone else will too.