Tuesday, September 27, 2011

whewf!!...is that a word?!

Just like my last million posts....we've been  super busy lately!! We still have a million things on the go...and a million other options that we are looking into...so I feel like a cray person as of late. 
Oh, and also, we decided to re-paint almost the entire house...ya know, in our free time, ha ha. My hubby's dad has been doing a lot of it...so that's nice...it does look really good, I'll post pis soon. Although it makes the unpainted walls look a little dull comparatively...so I wonder if we should just do THE whole house...we'll see...ha ha.
What is really nice though, is that it gives me a LOT of fresh new ideas for decor...as I was kind of stuck in a rut, with nothing to do in that area. With the new colors, I feel like there is a lot more possibilities...so I'm working on them. 
One REALLY cray idea I had was to spray paint the couch?! I know, right? ha ha...but I've seen it done well on a blog...check out my pinterest if you wanna see it. 
I have some other cool tricks up my sleeve...so we'll see how they all turn out. 
ALSO...we have finally made the decision that we will be here for ALL of October...which means a lot of things...I need to really crack down and get ready for the primary presentation on the 30th of October...also, I have been asked to get together a musical number for that night too....oh, and also need to plan a birthday party for A, a Halloween party with friends...and as Halloween is almost my FAVE holiday of the year...i really need to get on making crafty seasonal decor and planning THE ultimate Halloween costumes...whewf! Run-on sentence...ha ha...well...wish me luck!!

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