Thursday, September 8, 2011

new room....soon?

One of our students moved out last week...and the carpets are SUPER clean due to an awesome steam-cleaning it seems like a great time to redecorate the room!!
My hubby's parents will be staying in that room, starting pretty we only have a few days to do everything. 
SO FAR...we have mudded up all of the holes...and are waiting for it to dry, in order to sand it. THEN we will paint...I'm thinking a grey/blue and then an ocean decor theme. 
I also plan on finding some awesome material and "attempting" to make cute curtains for the windows too. 
This room is my inspiration:

For your info...that room was found on THIS interior decorating blog

But THIS is what we have to start with....oh boy:
It's a pretty huge room, bigger than  our master one...half the walls are this yellow color

This is the corner connecting the two colors, the biege/gold color is called decatur buff, and it's been there for 5 years now

If your wondering why there are SO many splotches on the wall...that's after the first mudding job, before sanding...there were a LOT of you an see, ha ha

I had to take a picture of the "before" curtains...we'll see how well the "after" ones turn out This was just a quick job from my MIL from an old skirt of hers, so the room wouldn't be so sunny

View from the corner, you can see the entry to the walk-in closet...I'm hoping I'll do good enough on the curtains to make something matching for that entryway too

WELL....there ya have it...that's the before...and hopefully the after turns out amazing!!! We'll see how quick I can pull it together...I'm sure I can do it if I could just get over this cold/flu I'm dying from currently...fingers crossed:)


  1. Oooh fun! Did you get the pictures from pintrest?

  2. No...I haven't started with pinterest, although it looks awesome! I just cut and pasted the old way, lol

  3. I'll come help you if you want help (painting, sewing)! I would say we have a cute blue-green color with a matching grey but they are only really small cans so that won't be enough. But I love picking paint colors if you need help :)

  4. Awesome!! Thanks skye! I do need help, lol...not sure doing what quite yet...I think I want to buy some wallpaper to go inside the dresser that I'm re-doing, so maybe I'll do that tomorrow and finish the dresser up. The room is painted grey FIL finished it really decor as of yet, since they are living in it...but I have some ideas on the second room I'm starting...same color. I'll chat with you tomorrow about it:)