Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the dresser is D.O.N.E!! (DIY dresser re-do)

Just a reminder....this is what the before was:

And here is the in-between! :
First, I stripped down all of the wood pieces off of the dresser, only the ones in bad shape, that were falling off

This is in the middle of're supposed to use some sort of wood filler, but I used mud instead, because I'm lay, and that's what we had

After we did the mudding, we let it dry. We then sanded down all of the mud, and did a quick sand all over to scratch up the surface, so the primer would stick well

I lost the next few pictures of us priming. We primed one coat. We used regular paint primer, again, because I'm lazy and that's what we had...but you should use bondable primer, and then there is no need to sand and rough up the top and sides, because it will stick to everything.

Next, we put 2 coats of paint, and spray painted the lines, and some surrounding edges, and inside the shelf:

This picture was taken after all of the painting was done

I decided against the silver I spray-painted the old ones black.



BEFORE & AFTER close-up:


  1. very sharp result Crystal! Glad to see you've inherited yr mom's love of spray paint too! <3

  2. Pretty cool dresser, I like the doors in the middle.
    Good work Crystal. You and your power sanding-spray-painting super powers can come over here anytime!

  3. Thanks guys! It didn't turn out quite as well as I would have looks good in the picture, but there are a few spots that didn't work out...and chelsea, I'll come over any time! ha ha