Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life as we know it...that's for sure...

Our life has been SO busy lately. We started managing a few properties for some friends of ours...and one of them has been vacant, so we've been busy setting up steam cleaners, repair men, viewings, advertisements, phone calls etc....super busy
We also have our own little housing experience going we have the possible potential to get one of our own, and that has been taking up a lot of time and mind space too...I will definitely blog more about this one later, once we have some more of the details panned out...I don't want to speak too soon!
Both of those things, as well as a new exchange student, and dealing with the other one moving out...has been pretty time-filling. 
We also attend 3 playgroups each week, and then have preschool 2x a yup, we are busy!!
I'd like to say it's a "good" busy...but not all of it is. I've realized that some things, like the playgroups and preschools, don't really make me feel more busy at all, they just give me and the kids fun things to do together. BUT, all of the other stuff is stressing me out! TOO busy for my taste...but luckily we finally found tenants for the one place...and things look like they will start settling down!!
I am super happy for that...I need some more stress-free time. I mean, I haven't even finished the dresser from this last post!! And it's SO close to being done too (and looking super cute already!). is to hopefully a less busy next few we assimilate to the new year and our new student, and our new living situation(did I mention that our in-laws moved in with us?)
And I'm making a promise to myself that my next post HAS to be the finished dresser project! :)

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