Sunday, April 3, 2011

once upon a relaxing weekend...

Man, I loved conference....isn't it great!! I remember so vividly being a young child and/or teenager, ha ha, and thinking it was SO boring! And now I relish in listening to all of the sessions, and reading all about the talks later on.
I heard from a talk one time, that its helpful to just listen to conference, without taking any notes, the first time. If you feel inspired by something, just write down a few words or lines, but to not be distracted with note taking. Then, when the talks come out in The Ensign, to review them then, and take notes...added to the previous inspiration you already received. 
I have been practicing this for a while, and have really found it helpful to teach me what it is that I need to learning, personally. I am so much more open to inspiration, when I'm not worried about writing down every other word.
I also have been reading on a lot of great blog posts like this one and this one...some GREAT ideas on how to get your kiddos involved. I want them to truly enjoy conference weekend, like we do, and to look forward to it. 
I have thought a lot about what things I can implement for our next conferences, and I'd like to make some great traditions in the future....hopefully I remember come October! :)

A few cute things that happened to us this weekend:
-A woke up Saturday morning saying, "Its general conference! yay! I wanna watch general conference!"...he was SO excited, which made me happy. He sat down, all comfy on the bed with the rest of us...and watched fervently for the first few could see him start to get a little more antsy as the first talk wore on...and by the end he exclaimed: "That was a LONG talk!" ha ha...and he played for the rest of that session, it was pretty funny.
-When President Monson was speaking, I pulled R into the room, and said "Listen Roo, its the prophet!" and he replied emphatically, "No! Its grandpa!" and stood right in front of the TV, saying "grandpa! grandpa!". It was adorable, and reminded me of the talk yesterday by Russell M. Nelson, and the story he told about his grandson.

Anyways....I feel overjoyed and truly blessed to have been able to listen to conference this weekend, especially because of the personal inspiration that I received on how to make myself a better wife, mother and person. I feel uplifted and more ready and willing to serve, and be an equal partner to my husband. 
What a great weekend! I hope you all enjoyed it as immensely as I did! 
Here is a link, in case you missed it, or want to learn more about what "General Conference" is all about!


  1. I am completely on the opposite spectrum as you - if I have to have a notepad and paper with me so if something strikes me I can write it down. If I don't I am incapable of focusing on conference. AND I always have every intention of -reading- the talks in the Ensign but (if you follow my blog you'll have read the blog about my reading issues lol) I am not able read talks word for word - it's impossible for me at this point! So now that I have my notes I can review things I learned and when I have the ensign I can skim-read through them and be reminded of those wonderful things said.

    AND, I compeltely agree - It wasn't until YSA (maybe grade 12?) that I was able to sit and actually listen and learn to love conference! I will have to remember that as my only kids turn into teenagers to be patient and that I never paid attention either LOL

  2. Ya, I read your blog post. I thought it was awesome, you do take great notes. I always found that I couldn't even remember what it was that I was writing about, if I wrote down too much, ha ha. It seems to work well for you though! I liked reading the synopsis about it too from your blog, it reminded me which talks were from which was such a great conference!

  3. Great post- I too loved conference- I take semi-notes- not word for word, but just general thoughts and then I have a page that is just for inspiration that comes to me during the sessions. Sometimes, the thoughts I write there have nothing to do with the actual talks which is kind of neat. I remember vividly watching conference as a teenager and when hearing the closing prayer of the session realizing that it had not been boring and had gone by so quickly! Interesting how we grow into conference!