Wednesday, April 27, 2011


well...T-ball that is. It is stinkin' HILARIOUS! And SO much FUN!! I had a feeling that it would be a good idea, and that A would probably enjoy it, but who knew he would enjoy it THIS much? He looked SO happy,  elated really...he loved EVERY minute of the time we were there. 
For the first half they just practiced hitting and catching, but for some odd reason, they never went over the rules or flow of play of a baseball game with the kids at all, which seemed strange, since how most of them (pretty much all except for one older kid actually), had NO idea at ALL how to play, ha ha!!
So after the first half, they have gotten down the whole idea of hitting and catching....apparently enough to play an actual GAME??? ha ha...against another team!!! LOL.
So...A's team is up to bat....the first kid swings, misses, swings, hits...and then runs after the ball, and then runs in random directions...and then eventually his coaches coax him in the right direction. Alas, no worries, because the ball that he hit was TACKLED by every player on the opposing team...and they all wrestled each other to the ground to retrieve it. So, even though it took a while for our first player to find first base, the other team hadn't quite figured out there purpose yet, or that they were on the SAME team, ha ha. 
A was the second player up to bat, and he hit it pretty well, and went on to do the EXACT same thing as the first player, and run after his own ball to catch it....he figured out pretty quick where he was supposed to run to (due to his coaches and us telling him, lol). The entire first inning, the opposing team never quite figured out that they weren't ALL supposed to tackle the ball, and fight each other for it.
The whole game made for some pretty awesome video footage. When A's team was in the outfield, due to a long description by their coaches, they figured out that they weren't ALL supposed to run after the ball, so they did pretty well. A caught the ball a few times, well RAN after the ball and grabbed it, once he missed it the first time...but he is definitely getting the hang of the whole thing. 
It was a very enjoyable time, and I hope to be able to figure out how to add the video to the blog...cuz I'm pretty sure its AFV worthy, ha ha. Can't wait till Thursday for their next game!!


  1. yes, the first few games of T-ball are pretty funny because none of the kids really know what to do. Last year most of the kids started to catch on after a few games though (depending on what kind of coaches they have). Ryan told me Nate's team played against A's yesterday. Fun! Wish I could have watched!

  2. I know! I am SO glad they are both playing, I wonder when they'll play again against each other? You'll have to come!