Sunday, April 17, 2011

so I have a winning streak...

Growing up, I always wished that I would win something, anything....a draw, a roll up the rim to win, anything! ha ha...but it just wasn't in the cards for me. 
About 2 years or so ago, I just started on this winning streak....I win things all the time now! Some are big, some are small....but it happens quite often. I wish that I had written down all of the things that I've won in the recent years, but I forgot. In the past I've won a $75ish gift basket from avon at a trade show, a $150 miscellaneous gift basket from a trade show (including a $60 swarovski crystal necklace) and a flat screen HDTV. 
Well, this weekend I won a date night (2 movie passes, popcorn and drinks) and a blog giveaway for 50 invitations/holiday cards from Uprinting. Cool, huh!
Well this summer is full of trade shows, so bring on the winning!!!
(since how its Sunday, I should probably mention that I attribute all of this "luck" to paying tithing does pay off! ha ha)

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