Saturday, April 9, 2011

some funnies...

The boys seem to say THE funniest things!! I wanted to write some of this weeks down, before I forget:
-after R went down for a nap, A said "Oh. I'm glad R went to sleep, I was really wanting to spend time with you" 
-R wanted to wake me up this morning, and daddy wouldn't let he said "let me wake that silly goofer up!" ha ha ha
-the boys told me that they went to the Probe school playground last night  with the babysitter. After which R said over and over again, "Probes school! I want probes, I want probes.." Which wouldn't be that funny on its own, if it wasn't for the fact that he pronounces "probe" "poopy!" ha ha ha
-I was telling R, its book time! From him comes..."I don't want momma read reuben (pron. boobin, ha ha) books....never ever ever ever ever!!" ha ha ha...he knows that means bed time is near! LOL
-from A, I wish I had a real Barney so that I could play I spy with him, and a real brother and sister dino, like on the show. 

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  1. aw so cute!!! haha kids say the cutest things. i love teh 'let me wake the siller goofer up!' haha