Monday, April 18, 2011

oh how different they are...

Its amazing how different 2 little boys can be! When I had A, I could tell his personality from the get-go....vivacious, lively, energetic, stubborn, loud, gregarious....ha ha...all of the above. He's amazing, super smart, really fun, and funny...he loves to make us laugh, and he loves to play
I presumed that R would have the same personality that A does, well, at least something similar. The names I had picked out for him before birth were a lot more for A's personality than for his....Zaid and Maverick were to of them. But nope he came with a personality of his own.
R is so sweet...he loved to play by himself, read himself books, and cuddle. I just LOVE that boys snuggles. the terrible 2's for him have been non-existent thus far....which is SO far off what it was with A. 
This weekend we went to the children's fair (way FUN! but too many people) and A kept wanting to look at the fire trucks and big police guns and stuff. R, on the other hand, wanted to play FOREVER with the tea set in the little house...making me drinks, ha ha. When we lined up for air-brush tattoos, A goes for a Decepticon transformer tattoo...and R goes for Dora! ha ha.
R loves to play with older kids, specifically females...and A seems to get a long better with older or younger males....A will NEVER be happy or content playing on his own...we always have to be playing with him. R loves to play on his own....he'll just sit happily in his high chair playing with a toy, and some food, for at least an hour.
Its amazing that those 2 even get a long with each other!! They are both SO amazing in there own little ways...its just funny to see how truly different they are. Each baby comes to us from heaven with such a unique and individual'll be interesting to see what kind of personality our next little baby comes with. I can't wait!!!!!

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