Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am LOVING aquafit...and finally getting into that much-needed rhythm of working out....again, ha ha. 
I have been going at least twice a week, and once I get a 3 month pass, I plan on increasing that to 3 times a week. It is SUCH a blast, and a really great work out too. 
One of my FAVE things about going, is the SAUNA! he he. I was really excited about losing so many calories in the sauna...until reading more about it online...and apparently you are only losing water weight, and gain it all back as soon as you drink water! gaaahhh....oh well, at least its relaxing. 
One of the hard things about working out, is not seeing results right away. I'm also worried that I'll NEVER see results, I mean....shouldn't I have lost at least ONE stinking pound yet? oh well...hopefully it'll happen, and at least I'm getting healthy in the mean time. 
In other news....oh wait, there is no other news, ha ha. Life is the same, playgroups, playing with toys, going outside. A is starting baseball next week, which I am SO excited about....especially because his little uniform is going to look SO cute on him! ha ha, I know, I am a great sports mom, its all about how they look, ha ha. 
Hope you guys are having an awesome week too! If anyone has tips on how to actually LOSE weight, I'd LOVE to hear it!! (be warned: I LOVE food! :))

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