Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I love...

I go into my boys room when their sleeping and watch them. They look so sweet and innocent. they look as if they would never say a ad word, or do a bad deed, and that they would love anyone that they cross paths with. They look so tender and mild
I love these times, when I can truly appreciate being a mother. I can remember all of the sweet things they said and did to me that day, like R's hugs and kisses, and A's constant "I Love you's'" to me...he also "shoots" me kisses instead of blowing them....its adorable. 
I'm glad for these times...because during the chaos of the day, its hard to fully appreciate the sweet and tender sides that they have. I love those boys. I love what they have taught me, and I love being a mother to them. I know that they were given to me, to teach me...not the other way around. They are always teaching me so much...especially patience, charity and unconditional love
Its times like these when I truly appreciate being a mother. I am so glad for this gift the God decided to give me....these sweet little boys that stole my heart. And my sweet man, that stole my heart many years ago...I wouldn't be anywhere without him. 
I hope I can remember these moments as early morning chaos ensues....

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