Wednesday, March 30, 2011

nearing the end of the tunnel...

We have been doing mass amounts of paperwork, and forms and interviews...for a lot of things lately, but specifically for adoption. It seems to have been SO much...but we are SO close to being done, and for that I am so so happy
I finally finished and printed off our profile, and I think it looks FANTASTIC!!! I would share it with you guys, but apparently its illegal to "advertise" your profile anywhere....but if your interested, I can definitely show you at my house! he he...thats not advertising! LOL
I am so glad that we are almost done this stage, and on to the "WAITING" stage...which I now is also supposed to be hard....but at least it will be PRODUCTIVE waiting. It seems a lot more productive when there is at least a chance that your profile is being viewed, it makes the waiting time a lot easier. 
I know that this process could have been much longer, so I feel blessed to have been able to do it so quickly. I just hope that everything else goes as smoothly as this has.
A always changes his minds about whether or not he wants a brother or sister...but today its a sister. He told me in the van, "I want to be a brother to a sister mom", ha ha, okay....I'll get right on that, LOL. I love it when the give me name ideas too, SO FUN!! and usually hilarious. 
Some of my top girl names (if you promise not to steal them before we get a baby, ha ha)....are Eden, Liviana (just found that one last week) and my FAVE.....Ivory. 
Boy will probably we Levi, if we stick with our "boy theme" of using the 12 tribes...not that that was the plan in the beginning....but it seems to have worked out that way. 
I'm big on not naming the baby until you actually see it tho, I always feel that they come with their own distinct personalities...and that really sways my name we'll just have to WAIT and see. Hopefully not too long of a wait! 
funny thing: A & R LOVE to laugh at each other, and their laughs are so contagious. R can laugh at anything, for no reason...and when he starts, its impossible not to join in...I should add a video one day...its definitely one of my fave things about him. He has a very magnetic personality. Man, I love those boys!
daily gratitudes: pretty much everything is my life right is going so well!


  1. How exciting for you guys! I think those names are very pretty!

  2. congrats about the adoption! that's so exciting. keep us updated

  3. Thanks guys! I hope it happens soon for us...we'll see!