Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yay for SUNNY days

We are having an AWESOME weekend! My little sister and brother decided to come stay with me over spring break...and we've had a blast so far. Its really nice having someone around, so that I don't have to bundle up the kids and bring them with me everywhere I go. 
And speaking of bundling up....its getting SO warm out...I can just feel spring coming!!I love this time of year, all the melting snow, still perfect for snowball fights and snowmen....but its warm enough to actually get outside. I also love that the hopelessness of winter goes away....when its gray and cold out, its really hard for me to be motivated to do anything, and I find myself way more irritable than normal. Then the snow comes out, it warms up...and I am reminded why I love to live really is a great city. Which is funny, since how all winter long I hope we will get a job somewhere warm and tropic, LOL, and now that its warming up...I'm okay with staying here for a while! ha ha. 
Daddy has a few new job prospects, which is exciting...he has been applying for a few each week. There are a couple that we REALLY in particular. The other one would require us to move to Edmonton, and lets face it....there is NO way I could handle an Edmonton winter, if I can barely handle the ones here....ha ha.
So, I am definitely rooting for the one here!! :) I've already picked out the house I want if he gets it...ha ha, and he just applied for it, lol...I know, I'm a dreamer. 
Well, thats about all thats new with us! I'm looking forward to spending the week with my younger siblings...A just LOVES spending time with his I know it'll be an eventful week. 

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