Saturday, March 19, 2011

What's new with us? (typed up on the iPad, so sorry if it's hard to read!)

Well, besides that I got an amazing new iPad, which the boys and I have a TON of fun playing with...not much is new. We did just find out that A's preschool is closing...all of the sudden too, in 2 weeks! This stinks! He rally loves his little school, and so do I...the teachers are great, they learn a lot, he loves his friends there, and they have a great curriculum. Apparently they ran out if money, or they are running out....for whatever reason, and can't keep it going, even to the end of the year.
So, I guess next week will be full of trying to find another preschool. A said that he just wanted to stay home and to school here, but I have a feeling that he'll change his mind in a hurry, just being cooped up n here all day. It doesn't help that gymnastics ends this month, and that I haven't been able to get into swimming either...which would mean a lot of days at home, and he's never been the stay at home type. He asks to go to his friends houses all day, already! Ha ha.
For next year I had decided not to do kindergarten, and to wait another year, so he's older than everyone else...instead of the youngest. I still feel good about this desicion, because there doesnt seem to be any cons in keeping him home another year, and I can think of plenty of cons to him going in too early. I did have a thought last week though, that it might be nice to put him I private school, like Montessori or something, and then in a regular kindergarten next year too. I'm still thinking on this however, and if anyone knows anything about good private kindergarten progams, I'd love some tips and advice!
Anyways...that's all that has been new over here....well, besides my new hair! Which I pretty much love....especially the cut, it's exactly what I wanted.
Oh, and I'm going to see WICKED!! Yay me!! I've been organizing a group of people to go to it, so we get a good discount, but i didn't realize that so many people would be interested, or that it would be such a huge amount of work! But it will be worth it in the end, when we are at wicked!!!
Hope everyone else had a great week too...I am off to plan and decorate for a bridal shower! Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I LOVE the private kindergarten that Nate goes to. Lethbridge Preschool Services Project (LPSP or Miss Patti's). It is an amazing program and Miss Patti is awesome! If you hold him off another year and put him in the 2012-2013 year, he'll go to school with Ty!

  2. That'd be cool! I'll look into the kindergarten for sure...although the distance thing is a deterring factor would be nice to do something closer, but no private ones are I'll have to choose

  3. There are lots of studies that have been done that prove delaying entry to Kindergarten (more for boys than girls) is better than giving them an early start. Surprisingly enough, it affects their learning throughout school, not just in Kindergarten. That being said, I haven't seen any studies suggesting that putting boys through Kindergarten twice to be sure they have the basic fine motor skills etc. that they need to succeed will do them any harm. Boys are generally a little slower at fine-motor skills than girls from the get-go, so why not give him an advantage by giving him an extra year to work on them? That's just my opinion though. If you want to look up some studies you can find some good stuff through Google Scholar. :) Hope it helps!

  4. Thanks for all the info! I have been wondering if there were specific studies like that, because it seems kind of against the grain to put your kids in late now a days. So I wasn't sure if it was such a good idea. I keep waffling back and forth about kindergarten for 2 years vs preschool....but really, I just don't think I'm ready for kindergarten either, ha ha. Every day, waking up early....I don't know...right now i'm leaning towards yet another year of preschool