Thursday, March 10, 2011

our week

Well...we've had a pretty normal week. Full of appointments, gymnastics, preschool, playgroup, shopping, running errands, a few sleepless nights and a small touch of stress, ha ha. 
The worst actually was on tuesday. Many of you might already know this from my facebook feed, but I spent the entire day on tuesday cleaning, and even ended up hiring some cleaners to do a deep cleaning on the main floor (much needed!). 
Luckily my fantastic friend owns a cleaning company, and we know how fantastic he is, because daddy and I have both worked for him previously. And yup, he did an AMAZING job!! 
The down side? After this long day of cleaning, the whole reason being that we had a home studay thingy at 4, the lady never showed! agggghhhh!!! I was SO upset....I guess it teaches me not to go so crazy on the cleaning end next time, she'll probably find it in disaster-mode when she comes next tuesday :)
The next morning, I woke up to A saying, "mommy, R did something really bad, you need to come RIGHT NOW!" ...thats never a good sign, ha ha. So, I did...and R had dumped THE entire box of strawberry jello powder over whole house. All the newly washed floors, carpets, lino....everything. Fantastic!!
What do they call it? Murphy's law? Well, murphy's law....
I hate you.


  1. aw!!!! oh my goodness. i hope it didn't stain anything! good luck getting it out.

  2. Don't you just love how they don't tell you until AFTER it has been spread all over and never when they just start. :-)

  3. It was pretty much awful, but fortunately I caught it really it swept up really easily...and vacuumed too, which I was pretty surprised about.

  4. The life with young boys... Common C... you and I both know this is just the beginning of "come look at what the other on did"...
    Cute story though

  5. So true! Just the beginning....ha ha

  6. Oh man crystal, Your kids are halarious. Um...and I can only say it like that because I don't have 2 kids at their ages. yet, anyway...thanks for the great blog posts, though - i like hearing a slice of your life! Thank goodness for A, eh?

  7. ha ha...thanks Lisa, I love blogging...and I like reading yours too! Its nice to hear about your life, even though we don't live close. And my kids are hilarious, ha ha