Wednesday, March 2, 2011

so A had a dream last night....among other things

A's dream, as told to us by him the next morning (after daddy and I were sharing our crazy dreams to each other, with him in earshot):
There was a pair of eyeballs walking around everywhere on the earth, and everyone was think, what? a pair of eyeballs? how are they walking around by themselves?! But nobody really knew that it was really a suit, with eyeballs on them...with an ALIEN inside! So the alien took of his suit, and everyone was scared,  but then guess what? That was a suit to! Because there are no such things as aliens, so he took that suit off too. Crazy, hey?
bwahahahahaha....I love that kid.
Second funny thing....R learned to count to spanish!! ha ha....cutest thing ever to listen to. I put a video on facebook, but I haven't figured out how to load them here yet, so no dice. 
Cute thing that R says lately, chocolate is my favorite!!! ha ha ha....and mommy I miss you too!! all the stinkin time....:) can't complain, he's pretty much a sweetie-pie.
A also said today at the dinner table, "Do you know what? when I grow up there will be 2 daddys living here, because I will be a daddy and daddy will be too!" he's been all about being EXACTLY like his daddy this week....its pretty sweet. He has a good example to look up hubby is the bomb. ha ha. but seriously, he is :)
On a completely different side note, I want to mention that I have been working out. Oh ya! Go me! ha ha...this doesn't happen very often. So I'm pretty excited that I've stuck with it these past few weeks. Unfortunately I have no weight loss to show for it, which seriously bums me out. Like, not even a pound....aaagggghhhh. But, I have started to notice some major changes, like:
-I can work out about 3 times as long as before....without dying. Doing 1/3 of what I am doing now, was literally killing me before, I'd be laying on the couch heaving in agony. It was pretty pathetic actually. But now...I do 3x as much, and I feel great, no heaving, no pains, I can even walk up the stairs afterwards and get myself some water....this is a huge improvement.
-I also have less after-soreness. I kind of have a sore all over feel during the day, and during my work-out....but its more of a stretching sore-ness....where before it was a serious pain, in pretty much all of my muscles, and a really specific pain too.
-The craziest thing is my appetite though. I find myself eating way less in the last few days. This is super strange if you know me...I LOVE my food. I also have been craving healthier foods, and the thought of fast food has not been the least bit appealing to me as of late. This is really strange too, as I am a snack-food junky, I really don't eat too healthy at all....but I'm trying to change that. 

So....little by little I go, one day hoping to drop a pound or two maybe?? ha ha.

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