Friday, March 4, 2011

the one about my hubby, how awesome he is...and his job search for something not dreadfully boring

2 of my FAVE boys, this pic  was taken in spring '09

Lately I've been contemplating on my hubby and how awesome he is....he's pretty much the awesome-ist actually.
 Besides being completely amazing spiritually and emotionally, he is always helping out with everything. He regularly does the laundry and takes out the garbage....which is fantastic, because I hate doing both of those things. Mind you, I really hate putting away laundry the most, and I still end up with that job :)
 If I'm tired, he lets me nap, while he takes care of the kiddos, and he always is willing to help out with the cleaning and cooking, if he needs to. He never complains about taking care of poppy diapers, which is amazing to all the man in my family have some dreaded fear of changing poopy diapers, and its always their wives that end up having to do it 99% or more of the time. 
He is also a GREAT father....I don't even need to go into depth about this, its shown by the simple fact that the boys go hay-wire every time they see his car pull up in front of the house after work. They freak out completely, and start running outside and yelling "daddy, daddy", and jump into his open arms. Its by far the favorite part of my day. 
Oh, and I didn't even mention his humor...he thinks he's REALLY funny...and though I usually lead him to believe otherwise, I think he's pretty funny too :)
He is SUPER smart, but what is brains without the motivation do something with them? seriously....the smartest person on th planet could sit around with all his smarts and not do anything with them...which would lead me to say that  that guy probably isn't the smartest person on the planet then. Fortunately, my hubby has also brains AND motivation, he is a super hard worker. 
This is kind of what lead me to start thinking about all of his great qualities....throughout our marriage he has worked so hard to help our family out. He became a concrete finisher, ran his own business for a while, worked at a cleaning company in the evenings when we were really low on funds, got 2 degrees in school (one in Economics, one in finance-which took him over 5 years to finish) and is now working on a Masters-level after-graduate program, called CFA, which takes up a lot of his "fun" free time....while I watch movies and eat snacks, he studies hard for his exam.
Its all of these qualities that lead me to wonder, why can't he find a great job? Any company would be so lucky to have such a hard-working and motivated individual working on there doesn't make sense to me that he can't find his dream job.
I can tell that his job is wearing on him, and he's itching for something new. He really enjoys the people he works with, and his superiors too, and its a great company to work for. But this specific position that he has in it, is not intellectually stimulating in any way, and is down right boring. Unfortunately they don't transfer you to other positions within the company, unless you've worked with them for 12 months...and I'm not sure he can hold out that long. 

So, we've began the job search again, this time more localized though. When we first started applying a year or so ago, we were applying all over the world, literally. We were up for moving anywhere. But, do to recent decisions on our part, and because of some wonderful benefits we have to living here....we've decided to job search in Alberta only, and preferably in lethbridge. This is new for us, as we were hoping to move from lethbridge soon....but because of things going on at this time in our lives, it seems easiest to stay here for now.
If anyone hears of any great job opportunities around here, feel free to pass them along. Preferably ones that start soon, ha ha, so my hubby doesn't die of boredom!
this is him passed out during R's party last week...all the rest of the adults were still visiting, but he fell asleep on the bed with our sweet little niece Ju-ju


  1. I am so out of touch with anything job related, but I will keep him in mind for anything that I hear of.