Monday, March 7, 2011

busier than bumblebee

It seems like that last few weeks have been so crazy! Full of fun, friends and parties...but busy as well. In the last month all 4 of us have had check-ups at the doctor, the boys have been to the dentist, and 3 of us to the optomoterist. All of this mixed in with playgroups 3x/week, preschool 2x/week, gymnastics 1x/week....not including all of the interviews daddy and I have been doing....and paperwork...endless paperwork! As well as 2 parties last month (or more? can't remember, ha ha), a baby blessing. 
This next month brings 3 more parties, one being a huge bridal shower, and one a super FUN bachelorette party that I am really excited about planning. Oh, and 2 friends going through the temple for the first time, and 1 wedding....FANTASTIC!! 
Thus, our calendar is full....I didn't even list play-dates, home-teaching, visiting teaching, our weekly church basketball...its craziness. I know it will only get busier as our kids get older too....maybe I'll have to invest in a WALL-sized calendar :) 
Soon though, gymnastics will be over, and we are all finished paperwork for a while...and this mass of interviews we have been doing should be over in a few weeks here's to a calm and quiet April!!

funny quote: R has been asking us over and over again, after he does something funny "Am I silly?"...if I answer yes, he just says "oh!" and laughs....bu if daddy EVER answers yes, he says (with the cutest funny angry face you'll eve see) "NO! "R" NOT silly....I daddy is!!!" ha ha ha...he has learned well.

gratitudes: That I've been able to stay sane, healthy and stress-free during all of this seems to be getting almost easy....but a vacation would make it easier, ha ha.

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