Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My blog obsession...

I love reading new blog posts....its such a great way to keep up on the lives of your friends, be inpsired by touching words, or catch a desire to start crafting/cooking. One of my new fave blogs is THIS ONE! I don't even remember how I stumbled across it...but it is FAN-freaking-TASTIC!! Just take a look at all of the wonderful crafts and cooking creations...and it will help you catch that much-needed desire to make something beautiful, and tasty too! 
Another fave blog of mine, of course, is the Nie Nie dialogues, but who doesn't love that blog! Seriously! On that note...another one of my fave "touching" blogs that I truly enjoy reading is this one about adoption, from a birthmothers view...and of course, pretty much any of the mormon messages found here. One of the greatest things I've discovered this year, is studying scriptures through the church website, that way, you can look up any words or phrases your interested in, and have so many tools and resources to do so, just a click away. Its awesome
Oh, I almost forgot, THIS wonderful website, has THE most amazing modest dresses EVER!!! My goal in the next few months is to lose enough weight to look good in a dress like that, and then my reward will be buying one!!! I'm pretty much excited. 

Besides that, my other fave blogs just include keeping in touch with familly and friends, I love reading little stories about them and their families...its such a great way to keep in touch. 
I'm pretty much just saying, I LOVE BLOGS!! ha ha...who knew I'd be such a sucker for a good blog.

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